This application can perform following tasks:

– Create SFX archive (self-extractable) which gets extracted in the custom folder.
– Create SFX archive which executes a script(.vbs or .bat) after SFX archive extraction.

The script can be embedded in the archive together with custom type attachments like files or folders.

Note: The log file (WL_SFX.log) gets created in application’s folder.

Additional information:

Open Source is used in the project. The components below have been taken from 7-Zip Extra 9.20.

Note: 7-zip related files are located in 7zbin folder distributed with main application (wl_sfx.exe)

– 7zr.exe – reduced version of console program 7za.exe
– sfx/7zSD.sfx – SFX module for installers (uses msvcrt.dll)

Examples of use:

7zr a -t7z archive.7z 1.txt -ms -mmt

– Compress a file 1.txt to archive.7z. (Solid archive)

copy /b 7zsd.sfx + config.txt + script.vbs.7z setup.exe

– Creates setup.exe (Self-extractable) archive which executes script.vbs after decompression.


7-zip files –

Configuration switches –



The software is not supported and you are using it on your own risk.


Kind Regards

Witold Ławacz