DownloadOpen 2010, the new version has been created from scratch, it inherits some old functionalities and come with new features. The tool is a VB.Net Downloader.


What it is used for:

– To download multiple files simultaneously. (Up to 10 files at the same time)
Note: It supports following protocols: HTTP / HTTPS / FTP

– Thanks to Joao Costa, the SDBZHandler allows to extract the logs from .sdbz file.
– To retrieve the TechNote links with their titles
– To convert HTML code to text
– To get URLs from text
– To use Plug-ins (You can use custom .exe and .lnk files).
– To download evidence from Evidence servers (Just enter the case number and click on GET Evidence)

Note: The files are stored in following format:

> Case number – Company name
> Company name – Case number
> Customer name – Case number
> Date (For non Evidence downloads)


Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
User account should be able to create registry keys and modify the values under: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\

Kind Regards,
Witold Ławacz