Status: BETA

AudioNet – Flashpix WAV audio stream viewer.

AudioNet is a Beta version of very simple image viewer which is able to extract and play WAV (WAVE) stream from a file.

Note: At the moment the AudioNet supports .JPG and .JPEG files containing valid RIFF WAVE header as presented on Standford site.

RIFF WAVE header:

How is the AudioNet working?


-Read the picture’s bytes and search for RIFF Wave header position.
-Read the ChunkSize chunk from RIFF WAVE header, in order to determine the stream/file size (32 bit Integer).
-Read bytes from the beginning of the RIFF WAVE header to the end of (Chunksize + RIFF header size -2)
-Save the output bytes as .WAVE file in the %temp% folder
-Play the WAVE file



Kind Regards,
Witold Lawacz (Ławacz)