You would like to use the ProcMon tool in order to troubleshoot complicated issue on Win XP Embedded; however that tool fails with an error similar to: “Unable to load Process Monitor device driver”.

Note: The ProcMon will not run on Windows XP Embedded due to the fact that it requires Microsoft Filesystem Filter Manager (Fltmgr.sys) which is not installed on this OS type by default.

I decided to write a simple batch file (Install.bat) which will:

-Install necessary files into %temp% (like fltmgr.sys, fltlib.dll etc.)
-Merge FltReg.reg (It will be executed under SYSTEM account to bypass permissions issues)
-Install the KB914882 (A patch for FltMgr)

Note: After reboot you should be able to execute ProcMon successfully.

Additional information:

### Install.bat:

 ECHO InstallFltMgr driver...
 ECHO Copy fltlib.dll to System32 folder...
 copy fltlib.dll %windir%\System32\fltlib.dll /y
 ECHO Copy fltmgr.sys to System32\drivers...
 copy fltmgr.sys %windir%\System32\drivers\fltmgr.sys /y
 ECHO Copy FltReg.reg to %temp%\FltReg.reg ...
 Copy FltReg.reg %temp%\FltReg.reg /y
 ECHO Copy FltMgr (KB914882) to %temp%\KB914882
 xcopy /S /I KB914882 %temp%\KB914882
 ECHO Update FltMgr service registry under SYSTEM account...
 psexec -is /accepteula regedit /S %temp%\FltReg.reg
 ECHO Update FltMgr (KB914882) under SYSTEM account...
 psexec -s /accepteula %temp%\KB914882\update\update.exe /passive /warnrestart
 del %temp%\FltReg.reg
 set /p e=Click Enter to exit...

### FltReg.reg:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
 "Description"="File System Filter Manager Driver"
 "Group"="FSFilter Infrastructure"

Kind Regards,
Witold Lawacz (Ławacz)

FltMgr-install V2
FltMgr-install V2
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