Birth of AudioNet.

Recently I spent some time on Googling for Open Source or Free application or .dll able to extract voice comments (voice memo) from .jpg (jpeg) images. I found two programs, so I decided to share my findings since it took some time and maybe someone will find it useful.

(Free version):

– The ExifTool by Phil Harvey

Note: This tool failed to extract the sound stream from .jpg files I tested.

Basic command:

exiftool -soundfile -b -w wav c:\a.jpg

(Paid version):

– Exiflist from ExifUtils

Note: You must purchase a license in order to use it in your projects etc.

Basic commands:

The extracted sound file will be saved in the same directory as filename.jpg as filename.wav

exiflist -w . filename.jpg

The extracted sound file will be saved in given path as filename.jpg.wav. Make sure you replace single \ with double \\ and surround the path with double quotes.

exiflist -w C:\Temp\{file-base}.wav "C:\\Folder with space\\123 space\\a.jpg"


Keeping in mind that the first tool failed to extract the sound and that the second one is not free … I decided to create a tool AudioNet able to extract wave sound from jpg images by myself.

For more details see following page:


Kind Regards,
Witold Lawacz (Ławacz)